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Superheated Steam

Superheated Steam

It is steam overheated with steam (saturated steam) of 100℃ under atmospheric pressure more. It is got a big heating effect with a small quantity, and besides, because it is in a state without oxygen, there are various uses such as heating, burning, a roast, drying, carbonization, sterilization. So overheated steam attracts its attention for food industry, the medical supplies industry, environment machinery maker.


When temperature of saturated steam falls even just the few it condenses and become water (liquid). It makes an object moist. However superheated steam is still in a state of gas even if its temperature falls. Therefore it can be used as drying and calcinations.


Because by using superheated steam, drying and callcination in a state without oxygen are possible, there is little fear of quality deterioration, outbreak of a carcinogen and hydorperoxide when heating, roasting, sterilizing of food. In case of carbonization and refuse disposal, it suppress outbreak of dioxin.


Because superheated steam's thermal capacity per a unit of volume is much biggerthan high-temperature air or exhaust gas, drying and callcination are possible in short time, small volume.


In the ordinary case of drying or heating foods, it is known as Maillard reaction, protein changes its qulity and its nutritive value deteriorates. However, we can inhibit Maillard reaction by using superheated steam.

We can supply high qulity superheated steam generator with our small and energy-saved regenerative burner.

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